Studio Space, A Camera, and Rentals….

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Attention all photographers!! With the brutal heat of summer upon us, are you looking for an inside space for your next shoot? Do you like the idea of finding a space and has rentals? Then the Studio Space at the Greenhouse Picker Sisters Market is the spot for you! We absolutely love hosting all kinds of fun events, and photoshoots are no exception. From wedding shoots to headshots, we can host them all. Our studio space offers natural light, white walls, and the opportunity to use our rentals.

specialty events rentals

Image: A.J. Dunlap

specialty events rentals

Image: Live View Studios

Photoshoots are such a fun way to connect with others in the industry and those who are creatives. We’d love for you to send us a message at, or come on out and see the space for yourself! If you’re curious about our studio fees, check out our Q&A tab!

Hanna Wilson Photography

Author: Chelsea Head


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