Inventory Highlight: Our White Modern Tables

Author: Chelsea Head

We've come to Week Three of our inventory highlights and this week we feature all of our White Modern Tables! If you're looking for a sleek, modern style table, then these are for you! With three different sizes in our White Modern table collection, a five foot table, six foot table, and our eight foot tables, the table possibilities are endless! Our White Modern Table can be used as a sweetheart option, a dessert table, a gift table, or use our large ones to seat your guests!

Since our White Modern Tables are of a neutral color and style, they can be paired with anything! Our Bentwood Chairs and our Allie Chairs are often a favorite pairing for this table! We also have the option to switch out the legs on these tables! They can have gold hairpin, black hairpin, or white tapered legs! We love these tables and we know you will too!

Below, we are going to look through some of the ways these tables have been used to see all of the possibilities for your next event. First up are two ways to showcase the smaller size of the White Modern Table. The option on the left, photographed by Amy Allen Photography at Chatham Station, features the black hairpin legs, for a soft industrial feel. The look on the right, captured by A.J. Dunlap, showcases our gold legs and creates a festive, holiday look!

white tables
white table

Next is two ways that you can use these tables at a wedding for your guests! Kristin Moore Photography captured our tables beautifully at the Merrimon-Wynne House with the tapered white legs. They were a perfect fit for a winter wedding! The image on the right by Sarah Joann Photography, captures our white tables at The Stockroom were they make the perfect head table! Even contrasting with a darker wood chair, they still look great!

Below are two more images that highlight our White Modern Tables. The image on the left by Sam Floyd Photography, showcases these tables in a moody fall feel that is perfect for a Thanksgiving feast! The image on the right by Timmester Photography shows our tables in a bright summer feel that is great for a summer dinner party!

chairs and tables

Our White Modern Tables are always a great option for your next event! They look different when paired with different furniture, different venues, different lighting, and different decor, but they are still the same beautiful table and you can always expect to be wowed! We'd love for you to use these at your wedding, corporate party, backyard bash, or dinner soiree to see all the different ways they can be utilized!

dessert table