Dinner at Seasons 52

Author: Pam Denney

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Do you sometimes feel that you are caught up in the business of life and are unable to slow down and take a break?  It seems work, family, kids, events and activities keep us on a never-ending cycle and we are rarely able to slow down to enjoy the small things in life. This past Friday night a few of us girls from Greenhouse Picker Sisters (Amanda, Elisa, Renee and myself) had the opportunity to visit a new and thriving restaurant Seasons 52, located in Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh. As Amanda’s mother-in-law often says, “we took the opportunity to dine”.  A real life, be still, and quiet moment to enjoy our dinner.

When entering the restaurant, we were amazed how beautiful it was.  You walk in to see a gorgeous glass encased wine cellar featuring over 4,000 bottles of wine. The lighting and ambiance put you immediately at ease.  We were seated and then greeted by a smiling, friendly waiter named Devonte. We started off with cocktails and we all ordered different drinks so we could enjoy them all!  Our drinks consisted of: a Pomegranate Margarita Martini made of tequila, Patron Citrónage and pomegranate juice; a Prairie Mule with Prairie Organic Vodka, ginger beer and lime; a Rosé lemonade with grapefruit and rose vodka, and a Hawaiian Pineapple Cosmopolitan with pineapple vodka and Patron Citrónage.  I have to say my personal favorite was the Hawaiian Pineapple Cosmopolitan. I loved the fact that we were all open to sharing drinks, so we were able to taste them all. We attempted to choose a favorite, but as they were all so delicious, it was a tough choice! They were all different, but each drink was infused with flavors that made our mouths sing.

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From there our dining experience truly began with several flatbreads. Our favorites were the lobster and fresh mozzarella flatbread with lobster pieces that melted in your mouth. The four-mushroom flatbread with mushrooms, goat cheese, truffle oil and scallions was a close second.  We also had an appetizer that consisted of mushrooms stuffed with lump crab, shrimp, creamed spinach and panko bread crumbs, which we all agreed was fabulous.

Our flatbreads were followed by spinach and caramelized Bosc pear salad with toasted walnuts, gorgonzola and sherry-walnut vinaigrette and a romaine and kale caesar salad with shaved parmesan and toasted ciabatta croutons. When I say salad, I don’t mean a small size salad; I mean a full salad I could eat for lunch!  And the combination of all the ingredients really put your normal garden salad to shame. 

Devonte our waiter made several recommendations of their appetizers, and we decided on the scallops and the brussel sprouts, which we all nearly fought over.  

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We then moved on to entrees, which included wood-grilled filet mignon. The steak was so good that we could cut it with a butter knife! It was cooked to perfection! (Thumbs up to the chef for mastering the art of a perfectly cooked steak!)  We also had impeccably roasted cedar plank salmon, which was to die for. Amanda and I shared the filet and salmon and we could not decide which one we loved more!

And then on to the “stars” of the evening — desserts.  The cutest little mini bites of decadence which included: carrot cake with cream cheese frosting; poached pear cheesecake with pecan crust and almond crisp; key lime pie with pecan graham cracker crust and toasted meringue; raspberry chocolate chip cannoli with ricotta, mascarpone, chocolate chips, raspberry sauce and cinnamon cannoli shell; Belgian chocolate s’mores with chocolate cake, rocky road mousse, toasted marshmallow and chocolate-dipped graham cracker; caramel mocha macchiato with mocha and vanilla mousse, chocolate cake and caramel sauce , and last but not least pecan pie with vanilla bean mousse, whipped crème topped with honey-glazed pecans. I can honestly say these desserts were little bites from heaven.If you are with a group and you are open to sharing, I would suggest that you each order a different dessert so you can experience the total indulgence experience.

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  To sum up our dining experience, it was a perfect meal. Good friends, relaxing atmosphere and outstanding food made for the perfect evening. For this kind of dining experience I would definitely suggest that you include your family and friends that love to take time to savor and enjoy a good meal. With the pace of our business and all the activities we are involved in, we rarely get an opportunity to enjoy the experience of really dining and relishing our evening, and I must say it was greatly needed and appreciated.   

If you have the opportunity this weekend, Seasons 52 is participating in the Triangle Restaurant Week. You get a three-course meal and dessert for $30. Let me tell you $30 is a steal. First course options are the flatbread of your choice including roasted Roma tomato, garlic pesto chicken and a seasonal selection. The second course is a salad of your choice including seasonal spinach, field greens and Romaine and kale Caesar. The third course dinner entrees include cedar planed roasted salmon, wood-grilled filet mignon, wood-grilled pork tenderloin and all-natural roasted half chicken.  And to round it all off your choice of a mini indulgence dessert. Check it out y’all and take the time to enjoy yourself and dine until your heart is content!


Greenhouse Picker Sisters