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Author: Pam Denney

To say COVID-19/Coronavirus has greatly affected our business here at Greenhouse Picker Sisters, would be an extreme understatement.  Our business and every other rental company, event planner, photographer, florist, venue owner, caterer, officiant, and styling company has come to a complete halt and has caused our world to be blown apart.  It has not been easy for any of us and the uncertainty of what the future holds for the event industry has been mind boggling.  For this to occur in the busiest season of the year and during several of our most profitable months, it has taken a financial toll on so many and our heart breaks for us all. And let’s be honest, we are all asking ourselves, "can our business survive such a major hit? When are we going to be able to resume business in a regular capacity? When will we be able to gather 50 people together not to mention 200?  What does that hold for our industry?"

We believe with our whole hearts that things will take off again to enable us all to go back to work. The question is what will that look like? During this time, we have had the opportunity to reflect and brainstorm on how to proceed when we are given a little leeway to resume business in some form of regular capacity. We have also spent hours reviewing and categorizing so many of the
beautiful pictures that so many of the industry, brides and companies have sent us.

It has been so inspiring for us to fully take the time to enjoy looking at the photos.  It has also confirmed that there are so many talented people in this industry.  To take the vision of your client and transform an event space into their dream is a true gift.  And the thousands of photos we have reviewed has confirmed that the Triangle is full of very, very talented individuals.


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During our walk down memory lane with the photos, we came upon the photos that Brent Deitrich with Live View Studios captured at a wedding we hosted in Amanda’s backyard two years ago. This was a very special event for our family and with the help of Brent, Lynn Scott of Happily Ever After Raleigh, and Susan Hill with Specialties Florals and Events, this wedding was just gorgeous.  Our Uncle Chris and his now wife, Karen, have a very unique and touching story.  They had been dating for over eight years and my uncle made the comment one day that he would really like to marry Karen but he wasn’t sure how he could even afford a wedding.  Chris has not been married for over 35 years and our Mom was like, “Hello? Did you forget who your nieces are?  If you want a wedding, we can do that.” So, with the help of our mom Pam, our Aunt Belinda, Brent, Susan, Lynn, and many others we hosted our first family backyard wedding.  

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Amanda and David spent several months getting their backyard ready with a patio and beautiful landscaping. The end result was breathtaking! With the vintage furniture, the pergola with a vintage chandelier and floral installations spread everywhere by Susan, the backyard radiated simple elegance.  Just over fifty of Chris and Karen’s closest friends and family gathered that day to celebrate their union.  Our mom catered the event with the help of family and friends (and Lynn Scott acting as her sous chef,) and the cake was a cinnamon bun cake by Stick Boy Bread

Because of the small number we were all able to really enjoy each other and Chris and Karen were able to relax and make special memories with each guest there.  It was one of the most precious weddings we have ever been to and it did not cost a fortune to pull off.  

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So that is when it struck us.  Maybe this is how we will return to our new normal – small, memorable events.  Gathering your closest friends and family to share and make so many special memories while enjoying being together again.  So where do we begin?  Well in true Greenhouse style several weekends ago, Holly packed up one of trucks with a few of her favorite pieces and with the help of her backyard friends hosted a Kentucky Derby party.  Yes, she was aware that the derby had come and gone but in true Holly fashion she said, “why not have an outside party with just a few close friends to kick off coming back together.” 

The vintage pieces set the perfect tone and the Kentucky bourbon infused appetizers and sweet desserts were enjoyed by all.  Having your event outside in an open space allows you to celebrate with friends but still exercise the necessary caution our current situation warrants.  So yes folks it can be done. Is it a perfect situation for every event - no.  But I think we all need to challenge ourselves to figure it out, to not give up hope, to encourage each other, to be there for one another, to help a friend when they are down, and to promote one another. We have been so encouraged by so many vendors out there that have stepped up to the plate to figure out new ways to be able to prosper.  

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Thank you to so many that have helped us along this battle.  At the end of the day, our biggest hope and dream is to get back to normal and back to being a part of weddings and events that include more than twenty-five guests! But right now, we have to dig our feet in and figure out how to make lemonade out of the lemons which we have been dealt in the current situation. That is exactly what we intend to do - figure out where we go from here and establish different ways to host events.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you need to talk to someone or need help with anything. Also, if the need arises that your event has to be downsized, please reach out to us and we will make your small event a day to remember.  Our prayer is that we all continue to be positive and encouraging and that before we know it, we can all gather again, give each other big hugs and know we are all going to be okay.

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