Inventory Highlight: The Peyton Sofa

Author: Chelsea Head

Happy 2019 everyone! We are so excited to be starting a new year and we cannot wait for all of the new events! We wanted to start off the new year by highlighting some of our current inventory for you all to see! So for the next few weeks, we will be posting about a few of our pieces that we are super excited about!

We are starting this highlight off with our Peyton Sofas! These sofas are the perfect piece for any mid-century modern lounge. With a gray fabric and tufted back, this piece is beautiful! The Peyton sits low and at 85 inches long, it's very big sofa, so it will fit all of your family and friends! Below are some of our favorite ways that it has been used so far!


Anytime the Peyton is used in a lounge, we are in love! These images above are two ways that the Peyton was used last year! On the left, the Peyton was used in a photoshoot at our Marketplace and this image by J Parker Photography is a great one! We also used both of the Peyton sofas at an event for UNC last year, and this lounge set up was perfect! The Peyton looks great with tones of blues and white!

Below are some more lounges that used our Peyton sofas! Red Bridge Photography captured our sofas at The Stockroom in two different lounge setups! The Peyton looks great in The Stockroom with the industrial vibe! Live View Studios also captured our sofa at Compass Rose Brewery in a cool lounge right in the brewery itself!

Our Peyton Sofas are a perfect option for those of you looking for a different lounge style! With two Peyton sofas available, you could create one epic lounge or do two matching! The choices are limitless. Our brand new Xander Chairs and our Laguna Coffee Tables are always great pieces that pair well with the Peyton.


The image below from Morgan Caddell Photography highlights our Peyton Sofa that even looks amazing outside! If you're interested in using this versatile piece at your next event, send us an email!