Inventory Highlight: Allie and Bentwood Chair

linen chair
wood bistro chair

Author: Chelsea Head

Has January flown by for anyone else?? How it's the end of the month already is beyond me. With that being said, we have reached our final inventory highlight post! Since it was the last week, I couldn't choose just one item; so I chose two! This week we are talking all about our Allie and Bentwood Chairs.

Have you seen these chairs? They're beautiful! They have clean lines, neutral coloring, and they pair well with just about everything! The Allie chairs even have an upholstered bottom cushion, so you can sit and relax for as long as you want! These chairs are great for two different options: ceremony and dining chairs. Below we are going to take a look at the Allie and Bentwood chairs in action and to hopefully inspire you to choose them for your next event!

farm table with linen chairs
reception table and linen chairs
christmas table with chairs
linen chairs at small tables

The Allie Chair is a great piece to add to any look. With 30 available in our inventory, you can use them for a small corporate meeting, a dinner party, or a head table at your wedding! Since the Allie Chair has a light, neutral linen color, it can be paired with any color, tone, or shade. The images featured really highlight how great the Allie Chair looks in daylight and evening light!

chairs and tables

The image above showcases the Allie and the Bentwood paired together! It creates a unique mismatched look that is still uniform! Below we will see the Bentwood Chair in use! With over 180 Bentwood chairs in our inventory, they can be used for large parties, ceremony chairs, or large receptions!

You can't lose with either the Allie or Bentwood Chair. With so many ways to utilize these chairs, you're possibilities are endless! We absolutely love these chairs and we hope you do too! Come out to our showroom sometime to see them in person and how to use them for your next big event!

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