A Seat At The Table

Author: Chelsea Head

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Image: Hartman Outdoor Photography

We all know that when you dream about your big day, you envision the dress, the flowers, the venue, and how you’re going to walk down the aisle. But do you ever dream about where you and your partner will sit? Not many people do, but figuring out where you two will sit can be a great way for you to be creative and have that romantic space for you both.

There are plenty of options for your sweetheart seating, but there is usually the two more popular types. You can always opt for the more intimate sweetheart setting, where it is just you two at your own private table. That table could be tucked away from the rest of your guests or right in the middle. Or you could always choose to do the head table option. Both of you are seated with your best friends and bridal party so you are never away from all of the fun. There are pros and cons to both options, so just have to figure out what feels right to you.

Here is a bright, colorful, and fun sweetheart table featured at The Stockroom. They used our Ingrid Table with the Elaine Bench to create a new take on a sweetheart table.

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Image: Ashton Kelly Photography

Below is a really unique take on a head table. Amy of Plume Events created a head table with different upholstered furniture that created a cozy, yet chic look. Our Stacey ChairsBlaire Loveseat, and Erin Chair were the perfect pieces for this classic pairing.


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Image: Danielle Riley Photography

At the beautiful McAlister-Leftwich House, Magnolia and Grace events put together an industrial, yet classic head table inside of this historic home. Our Industrial Farm Tables with our Ezra Chairs are the perfect juxtaposition of modern and classic in this setting.

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Image: Blue Barn Photography


Whether you choose to do a more traditional sweetheart table or a head table, your possibilities to create a unique setting are endless. Start thinking about how you can create something that represents the two of you and your love story, and how that best fits into your reception. Then come see us so we can bring that dream to a reality!

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Image: Timmester Photography


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