Lounges are one of the best ways to make your wedding feel laid back and cozy, but they also give guests a great spot to hang out and enjoy the event without having to sit at the dining table. Is there a  better way to hang out with your friends and family than by curling up on a comfy couch with some cake? I think not.

While every couple has their own feel, theme, and colors to their wedding, neutral furniture options are a great way to go. Bring in a linen couch and you can match any venue, any location, any theme or color; the options are endless. We have some neutral pieces in our collection that are all time favorites. Here we have our Audrey LoveseatBlaire LoveseatRosa ChairsGenevieve Sofa, and Lana Loveseat. These pieces together with gold accessories, such as the Audrey coffee table, and light pastel colors, made this into an elegant, classic lounge.

Photo: KMJ Photo

Photo: Live View Studios

Here our Matthew Chairs and Tabitha Settee bring a vintage vibe to an otherwise clean and classic lounge. By pairing it with vintage marble coffee table, you bring an old world charm to the scene.

Photo: Ginny Corbett Photography

Another look you can achieve with neutral furniture, is the boho look. Throw in lots of texture, mismatched rugs, and some vintage brass and you have the look! Our Victor Chairs and Boho Poufs are the perfect touches for this boho look.

Photo: Ally and Bobby Photography

Photo: Luke and Ashley Photography

We used our linen pieces for a corporate event that brought a modern farmhouse vibe to the room. Our Erin Chairs and Laura Chairs mixed with a neutral brown rug and Shiplap walls helps bring the look together.

Because we are hearing what our clients are wanting this year, we have even more amazing neutral pieces coming your way! We have the Avery Sofa, (which we will have multiples of, so think identical lounges!) We also have a brand new set of sofas and chairs that are linen industrial! They will be so fun!

Any theme or color that you are working with, can be achieved with neutral furniture. The accessories are what make a neutral lounge pop with your own style and personality. So let your imagination run wild and see what kind of look you can create with our neutral lounge pieces!


Author: Chelsea Head

Greenhouse Picker Sisters