Holly Barton has been picking just about as long as she’s been talking, and she’s been doing a whole lot of both ever since. Born in Hampton, Va., Holly grew up shopping at flea markets and watching her parents and grandparents work hard to provide for their family – and saw them have a lot of fun along the way. They taught her the value of hard work and grit, and the art of hunting for a good bargain, too. With a strong creative streak, a natural eye for design and a love for seeing others’ dreams come to life, Holly has always had a knack for putting things together.

Holly and her sister Amanda started Greenhouse Picker Sisters when they began renting out some items from their family’s collection for tea parties and birthday parties. Four years later, Greenhouse Picker Sisters has built an extensive collection – from furniture to tableware – and puts on approximately 500 weddings events a year. Holly holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Recent University, and prior to working at Greenhouse Picker Sisters managed a salon for five years in Blacksburg, Va.

Passionate about encouraging and rallying behind others, Holly frequently speaks at networking events, professional conferences and women’s events. She speaks on everything from leadership and entrepreneurship to marriage and motherhood. As someone who knows what it’s like to walk a long journey and stumble along the way, Holly especially loves to empower women to walk in their callings.

Holly and her husband Reed currently live in Holly Springs, N.C., with their three children. She loves hugs, journaling, mommying hard, and meeting new people. And she loves reminiscing about her childhood on Greenhouse Lane, where it all began.

Personality: Is LOUD a personality?!
Pet Peeve: Negativity
What do you love most about your job? Meeting all kinds of people!
Guilty pleasure? Rent the Runway…it’s how my husband reins me in.
Favorite drink: Starbucks Berry Refreshers are my jam!
Your happy place? The beach. I’m obsessed.
Favorite hobbies? Reading, writing and journaling
Fun fact: I wore a two-piece mermaid dress, made by my aunt, to my prom


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