Amanda Cox grew up on eating cream horns and drinking Coke from glass bottles on Greenhouse Lane in Hampton, Virginia. Though her family didn’t have a lot, she brims with sweet memories from childhood: visiting her dad’s country booth, playing around the neighborhood until the street lights came on, and experiencing the thrill of the chase at yard sales.

Picking was in Amanda’s blood, but she never imagined that she would one day have an award-winning rental company. Prior to Greenhouse Picker Sisters, Amanda worked as a preschool special education teacher in a public school for five years. When her dad unexpectedly passed away, Amanda’s world shattered. She and her sister Holly considered renting out pieces from their family’s collection and first dreamt up Greenhouse Picker Sisters – a way to create new memories with their old treasures and to start having fun again. Their husbands wondered who would possibly want to rent out their junk. But Amanda, who has never been afraid of a challenge, went for it anyway – and the rest is history.

Having seen beauty come from loss and tragedy in her life, Amanda loves to share her story with others and speaks regularly at women’s events. She encourages women to press on during trials and to keep using their gifts; letting God mold them into who He intended them to be. Amanda is also passionate about getting to know people deeply and learning about what they love. She seeks to understand each client’s style and story in order to create events that feel like them, rather than providing a cookie-cutter service.

Amanda holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master of Education degree in early childhood special education from James Madison University. When she isn’t making the wheels turn at Greenhouse Picker Sisters, she can be found at her neighborhood book club, cheering on The Dukes at JMU football games, or camping and adventuring outdoors with her husband David and their two boys, Clay and Peyton, and daughter, Nellie June.

Personality: Go-getter
Pet Peeve: Unnecessary Drama
What do you love most about your job? Making our customers happy!
Guilty pleasure? Shopping! But honestly, I’m not that guilty about it…
Favorite drink: If it’s not Coke in a bottle, it’s any flavor of a nice cold La Croix
Your happy place? The Outer Banks…it’s my little piece of heaven on earth.
Favorite hobbies? Binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy, Good Doctor, This Is Us, and A Million Little Things – and anything and everything about nature and being outdoors!
Fun fact: I played basketball in high school.


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