Rental Spotlight: Phillip Bar and Truss

Things have been quite busy this spring over at Team GPS! We have been out around the Triangle picking for new rentals, and working with our carpenter to design pieces for all of you! Here featured is two of our newest designs, built by our carpenter Cody.

Above is our Truss, and is paired with our hanging table. However, the Truss can be featured with a number of different looks and styles! From hanging macrame, to greenery, the Truss is so versatile.

This is our new Phillip Bar! We have it paired with our new Wooden Bookshelf, Geometric Lanterns, and other fun small details! Like our Truss, the Phillip Bar has great structure to be styled many different ways.

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Introducing Photoshoot Packages

The Greenhouse Picker Sisters are pleased to provide our space at our warehouse, and specialized rentals, specifically for photoshoots! If you are setting up a shoot for family photos, bridal portraits, an engagement shoot, mini-sessions, or a senior photo session, we have what you need. The Greenhouse Picker Sisters Team will have your rentals set up in our field, ready for your photoshoot without all of the hustle and hassle of you having to coordinate a pickup, or bringing it yourself. Contact us here for more information and for pricing!

If you are a photographer and want to set up mini-session slots at the warehouse, reach out to us here!

Look below at some of the fun shoots we have had the opportunity to do at our warehouse, and we hope to see you soon!

Images by Live View StudiosLindsey Burnett, Rebecca Keller, and 715 West Photography, respectively.
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Meet Our Team! – AnnaLaura

Meet our other spring intern, AnnaLaura! She has a true heart for design and is such a joy to have in the warehouse! We are huge fans of her, and are sure that you will be, too.

Meet AnnaLaura!

Instagram: @annalaura_croms

What are a few of your favorite things?

My favorite things include: Being with friends and family, taking my pups hiking, dancing any and everywhere, sunny days with Jesus, organizing everything, and popcorn… lots of popcorn. Also sushi.

Where are you from?

I am originally from Lake Wales, FL and I forever wish for warmer weather here in NC.

Beach or mountains?

Beach bum always.

Introvert or Extrovert?


What’s your favorite part about being on the GPS team?

My favorite part(s) about being on the GPS team is how seamlessly and immediately I felt like part of the family. I have always loved working events but what makes GPS so amazing is 100% the people. I enjoy the creative outlet of styling and decorating and being able to re-organize everything has made my OCD heart beyond happy.


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Spring Engagement Styled Shoot

Last week we had the pleasure of working with photographer Lindsey Cash, who is new to the Raleigh area by way of Waco, Texas. With her she brings a beautiful sense of texture, warmth, and light in her photos. (She is also getting married in April!) Our models, who are a real-life couple, are newly engaged Hannah and Zach who are tying the knot in August. Florals were crafted by the ever talented Susan of Specialties Events.

This shoot was actually done outside of our warehouse! It features our new Matching Sweetheart Farm Table by Artless Home Decor, William Bench, Gold Geometric Lanterns, and Moroccan Brass Lantern. Incorporating the geometric and brass lanterns are a great way to bring some boho flair to a farm table, rather than going for a more rustic look. We love the way Lindsey captured these, and how they play off Hannah’s gorgeous dress!

Photographer: Lindsey Cash | Makeup: Kristin Rivera | Dress: Anthropologie | Florals: Specialties Events

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Meet Our Team! – Chelsea

We would love to introduce you to one of our two spring interns, Chelsea! Chelsea is a graduate student at East Carolina University and is a wonderful asset to the GPS Team. We love her, and we’re sure you will too! You may see her over the course of this spring wedding season helping us out around the warehouse, or at one of our events.

Meet Chelsea!

Instagram: @chelseahead05

What are a few of your favorite things?

Some of my favorite things are reading a good book, taking my dogs on a walk at the NCMA park, going to thrift stores and flea markets, hanging out with friends, and chocolate chip cookies.

Where are you from?

I’m from Fuquay-Varina, just outside of Raleigh.

Beach or mountains?


Introvert or extrovert?


What is your favorite part about being on the GPS Team?

My favorite part of being on the GPS team is being able to do something that I truly enjoy and I get to work with some awesome people! I also love being involved with styling and decorating for events!

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Favorite Weddings of 2016: Backyard

Seeing so many exquisite venues and styling large and elaborate weddings are our bread and butter. We LOVE bringing a bride’s vision to life. Something that we don’t get to do as often is a backyard wedding. This particular backyard wedding was just our favorite of 2016! Elle married her English groom on a Wednesday in her parents backyard.


This men’s lounge is filled with dark-stained wooden furniture, deep cognac leather, and brings in the natural textures from the foliage. Featuring our Hawthorne Couch, Maude Chair, Flat Vintage Trunk, Vintage Books, Vintage Globe, Golden Glam Pillows, and Boho Pillows.

ElleMike-11 ElleMike-90 ElleMike-94

We love the way our jewel tone goblets look when paired with vintage china on our farm tables! In striving for a natural, minimalistic style, we wanted to use our vintage lamps to add a folksy and cozy spin on this look.



A simple touch was our Rustic White Small Table paired with the Rosa Chairs.

ElleMike-103ElleMike-155  ElleMike-106   ElleMike-412

Our team created this backdrop during set up! We used our Pallet Wall, Wooden Crates with Brown Bottles, and Gloria Cake Stand.

Planning by Happily Ever After | Photography by Galizes Photos
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Favorite Weddings of 2016: Rustic Glam

Welcome, friends! We are back at blogging after a long, long hiatus. 2016 was FULL of so many weddings, beautiful venues, wonderful brides, the best vendors, and exciting parties and events. All bringing us lots of joy, and allowing us to learn more about our business and ourselves. Team GPS had a record breaking year as we finished our first official year in business and added new team members! (More on that, soon.)

2016-11-11GHPSTeam-009 Photo by Live View Studios.

Upon all this reflection, we have begun to look back at our favorite weddings of 2016. This is part of a series we will visit over the next few weeks on our absolute favorites of different styles!

Our favorite rustic glam wedding of 2016 was this December at the Stockroom. The beautiful photos were taken by Carolina MediaStar.

_MG_8478 T

Featuring our Adela Nesting Tables. They never disappoint and always add a glam factor with the most elegant simplicity. And, of course, our geometric lanterns!

_MG_8461 T

Our beloved handcrafted long farm tables. We can never get enough farm tables!

_MG_8460 T

This lounge was a blend of colors, textures and fabrics to come together for a perfect rustic glam. Featuring the Caroline Love Seat, Dexter Chair, Rosa Chairs, and William Bench.

IMG_7874 S

We LOVE the way these masculine cigar boxes accent our Elizabeth couch!

_MG_8401 T (1)

Our wine barrels: a must have for every rustic wedding!

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Our Story

Hello world, We are up and LIVE and cannot wait to connect with you!

The time has come and we are now officially website owners!!! Whoop Whoop! We couldn’t be happier to finally have a place for all our lovely clients and vendor friends to be able to see our inventory all in one space!  With that being said, we also would like to share a little more about ourselves because we know behind every fancy website and Instagram post there is a story, and we wanted to take the time to share ours with you.

We are Holly and Amanda, two women who are on a journey, surrounded by beautiful messes, and still trying to find all the good in the world. And guys, there is still so much good out there just waiting to be uncovered! How do we know this? Because we have experienced it firsthand. Let me explain more by taking you back to two years ago, to January 2014, when our whole entire world changed.  When people ask us, “How did you get started?” THIS is the story behind our start.  It isn’t fluffy and beautiful, but it’s our story and we trust God’s plan that it will be a beautiful ending to a not so beautiful story. 

greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0005

On January 27th, we got a dreaded phone everyone hopes they’ll never receive.  The call that our Dad, our hero, at age 49, had had a totally unforeseen massive heart attack, and it did not look good. So our entire family rushed to the hospital where we were told that our father only had 10% function of his heart and would need a heart transplant, and he would not be leaving the hospital until he received one. The shock and the feelings that came with this news were simply unbearable. How could this be happening to him, a very healthy, hard-working, and vibrant man with so much left to give? See, if you knew our Dad, you know he was the bravest, kindest, most caring man you would ever know.  He was a man who loved everyone fiercely and with every ounce of his being.  He wanted every man or woman to be treated just as well as the next, no matter his or her story or status.  He gave endless hours of his life to support local and international ministries, all while working a full time job. 

greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0008

greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0006

HOW could he be the one suffering and facing his end on this earth? The one who would give his coat off his back to an enemy if they needed it.  Oh Jesus, how? Why him? Why now? He is so young?  Yet it was our reality, and would be for 3.5 months as we begged God to bring us a miracle. As we waited day after day in the hospital, we experienced an even greater miracle and that was our father. In the midst of surgery after surgery, ups and downs, good news and bad news, it was him who reminded us that we could put all of our trust in his Father, the Prince of Peace. Our father, a tower of strength, was full of true peace, saying many times, “If this is my end, my story, bring me home Jesus. I have no greater love than you. We can’t fight this story, if it is my time, He will take me home to be with Him.” Many months later and with so much more to tell, this is exactly what Jesus did. He came, wrapped His arms around my father and said, “Well done, good and faithful servant! Now come home.” He created him 49 years earlier, and He wanted His son home …he was that special, he was that good, and we had to let him go.   

greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0004

The pain and void of this homecoming was and has been at times, darker than you could ever imagine for all of us.  Yet … there still is still so much good to be had. Even in the hospital stay, we witnessed so much good, from nurses, strangers, family, friends, and an entire community, and are still hearing stories of impact that happened during our darkest days!

Four months after his passing, my sister and I both decided that we needed to be part of something bigger than ourselves. We told our husbands our crazy idea and they quickly told us it would never work.  So of course, we had to show them they were wrong!  We decided to start turning our family’s vintage collection and a love for good finds into a business. We wanted to pour out ourselves creatively because we knew we needed something to bring us out of our darkness.  Over a year into our business, we have found that we have a true love for weddings and seeing big dreams and visions come to life through our pieces. Our passion for people and our community was just the cherry on top, and we have met so many amazing people. We could not be more thankful for our business and the platform it provides to share our story of hope with so many other women during the most exciting time of their life, their wedding day. We believe that even in the midst of the darkest season, there can still be so much good.  We are so excited about this next chapter as we launch our website and look forward to seeing where this business takes us. However, most of all, we just want to love people well and continue our Father’s legacy of sharing hope with everyone we come in contact with and in every way we can.

greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0007

We would love to meet you, have tea, and hear your story! Oh, and be ready for us, because we are huggers! 🙂

All our love,

Holly and Amanda

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Love Lasts

There is so much beauty in a lasting love. Beauty in the journey through easy flowing rivers, peaceful breezes, and even the climb of difficult mountains. Yet each season is so beautiful because you are hand in hand and side by side doing it together with the one you love. One of the most beautiful displays of love is through our children. We pour all we have into them daily, teaching them how to love, and then one day, they find their own true love.

In this photo shoot, my hope was to showcase both stories, the new journey of love and the steadfast one that has endured generations. From the day of their wedding, the parents had written love letters, pouring out their hearts on paper, which was such a big part of their story. They were so excited that their son-to-be had a love for the written word. Through faith and perseverance, they had arrived upon this day which was such a cause for celebration! They were even able to gift their daughter with a reminder of their story with heirloom pearls and a prayer of blessing as she started her own journey of love. They are even more in love now, 40 years later, and it is so so beautiful.

In every wedding ahead,  let’s take time to look around at the beauty all around us through the view of the people that have already made the lasting journey.

greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0009

greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0010

greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0011 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0012 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0013

greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0014 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0015 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0016

greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0017 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0018 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0019 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0020 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0021 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0022

greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0023 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0024 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0025 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0026 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0027 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0028

greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0029 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0030 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0031 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0032 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0033 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0034

greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0035 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0036 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0037 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0038 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0039 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0040

greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0041 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0042 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0043 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0044 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0045 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0046

greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0047 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0048 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0049 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0050 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0051 greenhouse picker sisters vintage rentals nc_0052

Photography: Live View Studios / Venue: Mims House / Event Design: Greenhouse Picker Sisters / Floral Design: Serendipity Designs / Hair & Makeup: Karen Michelle Clark / Stationery: Crafty Pie Press / Cake:Sugar Euphoria / Furniture, Table Decor, Jewelry, & Accessories: Greenhouse Picker Sisters / Film Processing + Scans: Photovision / Dress: Sarah Janks


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